Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are We Willing To Make The Hard Decisions For Love?

I was editing an article today, about the most surprising moments on 'The Bachelor' and in the introduction, it writes, 

"Then, there was the time Jason Mesnick proposed to contestant Melissa Rycroft, only to change his mind at the 'After the Rose' ceremony and propose to Molly instead. Fortunately, that little flub worked out for Jason, as he and Molly are still married to this day and even have a child together"

Bam. It was the same thing that I would write in relation to Jason's controversial move. And then, it got me thinkingas much as Jason received heat for what he did and the very public way that he did so (more on that later), Jason is the one laughing now because he got to live his happily ever after. And all because he made the tough choices when it comes to love. 

Love is never easy. Maybe we've been in a situation before where our heart was pulling us in two different directions, like, say, if a girl was with her boyfriend but her heart truly still longed for her ex-boyfriend. She could either stay with the boyfriend that she's maybe not too happy with or, make the hard decision and break up with him, thus breaking his heart, and go on to live her own version of happily ever after with her ex. 

Betty White, everyone's favourite 90-something year-old even went through this. While she was young, she was in love with a man but she didn't leave who she was with at the time for many years. When she and the man she truly loved got back together, she said that she always regretted the years that they didn't get to spend together. This, even more so now, is true as he eventually passed away. 

So, with stories like these being present in our own love stories, why, in this world, where we only have the chance to live once, do we sacrifice our happiness, and all because we're afraid of hurting someone's feelings? Why do we let the fear of walking away and taking a risk keep us from the chance to be the happiest we could be?

Jason could have kept on being with Melissa. Maybe they would stay together and live unhappily or maybe, like most 'Bachelor' couples, they would split up and by the time that Jason got out, maybe Molly would have already found someone else. Then, he would have lost his chance and forever lived with the hard regret of not following his heart. Now that's a tough pill to swallow. 

Instead, he took his life in his own hands by making the tough decision. The only thing he probably feels truly sorry for now is the fact that he did break Melissa's heart on national television (ABC producers must have been applauding behind the scenes). But, people move on from that. Life goes on. Melissa goes on. The true thing that matters is the fact that Jason can look down at his beautiful children and his wife, Molly, and know that he's living the life he truly wanted. With the woman he truly wanted. Now, how many people can say that? 

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