Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's Possible For Him To Fall Back In Love With You

You wouldn’t think that you would need advice on how to make your man fall in love with you once he’s already been, but as we know, relationships can be unpredictable. Maybe the trust was broken somewhere down the line, or things began to grow stale – whatever it is, you’re at the point in your so-called “relationship” where you’re holding onto something that’s changed. Something that feels foreign and strange.

Even when you look at your boyfriend, your best friend, you feel different. There’s a distance there, and distances like these often go both ways. If you were the one who screwed things up, then you feel like the whole relationship is weighing on your shoulders and it’s now your turn to ensure that you do whatever you can to fix it. Because being without him is no life at all. And so, you try and try, but the more you try, the more distant you feel.

It’s strange, but you shouldn’t have to try so hard. If it was this hard to fall in love in the first place, then it never would have happened at all. And so, take a step back, and remember who you used to be. Remember the girl he fell in love with. The girl he couldn’t get enough of as he texted you whenever he could, kept you awake at night when you should have been sleeping, and kept a smile on your face even when he wasn’t around.

And remember, it goes both ways. Even if it was just you who managed to bring the relationship into the gutter, he should still try to salvage it. Because you would be gone by now if this was a relationship not worth fighting for. So think back to how natural it was to fall in love, before the days where you let mistrust, anger, jealousy or boredom get in the way of something great. You would think before you spoke, always respected them and did whatever you could to make them happy.

You were you. Carefree and wonderful and not weighed down by our own insecurities. Laidback, easygoing. You made him fall in love with you because you were being you. So remember that as you move forward and try to bring some normality back into the swing of things. You may soon find that not only do you get the love back, but you get it back deeper. More intimidate. More full of passion. More full of the willingness to never let it get to this point ever again.

You got this.

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