Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What To Do With These 'Back of Your Mind' Guys?

When I say 'back of your mind,' it might sound as though I'm saying these are the guys in your life who you don't care much about. When, in fact, it's the exact opposite. These are the guys in your life who because you care so much, you've had to push thoughts of them away for so long. 

Maybe it's because you're in a relationship, because they hurt you one too many times, or because you're simply trying to just forget. 

But the one at your back of your mind, might be there forever. Just think of any Nicholas Sparks movie. If Allie in the Notebook had never gone back and fallen in love again with Noah, he would always be a thought at the back of her mind. He was who she thought of as she said yes to her proposal, who she thought of whenever a man took interest in her and who she thought of as she tried on her wedding dress and saw a picture of him in the paper. If she didn't care about him, if his presence on her mind didn't bother her that much, then she would have closed the paper and continued to with her day, with her wedding. With her life. 

That's the funny thing about these guys' at the back of our minds. They're often there for a reason, yet there are plenty of more reasons to stay away. We think of them as our "Noah," as the cliche, "one that got away," and spend late nights creeping their social media profiles, wondering what they're up to, texting them sometimes when we're drunk and in the midst of bad fights with our current lovers, wonder if they're out there somewhere, thinking of us, too. 

These thoughts then turn to guilt as we feel like bad boyfriends or girlfriends. Will we ever take the chance and try to reclaim what once was? In this case, only time will tell. 


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