Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Top 5 Summer Memories

Ah, summer. I swear it was here one second, then I blinked, and bam, we're only two weeks away from the dreaded September. 

What I find helps keep these fall-blues at bay is to rack my summer up with tons of amazing memories that I can think about in the cold, dreary days of fall. 

Here's a gander at the five memories that have made Summer 2015 another one to never forget. 

Finishing a book in two months

I wrote about this in my latest post, but I somehow managed to write a 70,000 book in two months. Crazy, I know. But this process was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was able to set a goal, work on my passion, and actually follow through with it. 


Now, I'm used to camping from my days in cadets, but that was a longggg time ago. And it showed when I went camping for three days in early August. I went with my boyfriend to the KOA campground and since it was a holiday weekend, it was packed. We managed to make the most of it by going on wine tour, dancing along to the live band at the campground, drinking, and keeping it old school with campfires and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. 

Went on a wine tour

For my birthday, I bought tickets from Groupon for a six-hour wine tour that included a stop at a chocolate factory (yum!). It was awesome, the wine was amazing, although I couldn't help but wish they gave larger samples and less red and white - clearly, I am a rose drinker. But I was content with how it went and being able to check it off my bucket list. 

Hitting the pool

My boyfriend has probably heard me say "I want to swim" like a thousand times this summer (sorry, Mike). I finally got my chance once sunny afternoon and, of course, I was busy. Despite my mother's attempts to get me to go to the pool, I turned it down. Like any girl, I had a million excuses not to go. I'm not bikini ready. I don't have a cute bathing suit. It's too hot. So my mom left and I went back to work. Fifteen minutes later, she came back and said she forgot something: me. It was so sweet and the time lazing it out under the hot sun turned out to be one of my favourite memories this summer. Yes, I had to put up with annoying kids who probably - let's be honest, definitely - peed in the pool and I got a killer sunburn, but it was all worth it to soak up the sun while we still have it. 

Beginning a yoga practice

I have now meditated for over a year, yet for some reason, I've always rejected yoga. I mean, I've tried it before, just never really took it seriously. Maybe it was because I was thinking it meant I had to be some sort of hippie who preached about world peace. Whatever it was, I can look back and laugh now as yoga has completely become a new love in my life. I hit a class at least once a week with my mom as well as do online vids here and there. The greatest benefit I've found it how I can enter a class completely stressed, anxious - practically a walking zombie - and leave feeling so refreshed; like a whole new person. 

That's it for my summer, along with the other small memories that stick in my mind. Feel free to share some of yours in the comments!


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