Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why I Predict that Taylor Swift Will Fall in Love Again Soon

When I heard the news that Taylor Swift—aka the Queen of Relationships—revealed to Cosmopolitan UK that she’s done with the whole boyfriend thing, I had to re-read it again and again. This is, after all, the singer who writes songs about ex-boyfriends as often as she brushes her teeth or cleans her cat.
You get the picture.
“People will say, let me set you up with someone, and I'm just sitting there saying, 'That's not what I'm doing. I'm not lonely; I'm not looking ... they just don't get it,” she told the magazine. “I've learned that just because someone is cute and wants to date you, that's not a reason to sacrifice your independence and allow everyone to say whatever they want about you. I'm not doing that anymore."
While she does make valid points, given the string of failed relationships in the past, here’s why I predict that all hope isn’t lost and that our homegirl will have a leading man in her life again very soon. And all because (and here’s the secret): not looking for love helps you find love.
Take my story for example. When I entered into first year of university, I had recently gotten out of a relationship that ended up being a complete waste of time. So yes, I was bitter but also firm in my decision to give up on love and focus completely on being single.
Or so that’s what I planned. All of my vows to myself went completely out the window when I met my now-boyfriend. It was like, the second I stopped looking for love, it came and found me. Which, is exactly why I know that the same will happen for Taylor and the rest of the single ladies of the world who have sworn off relationships.
Here’s the lowdown on how not looking for love really works:
You concentrate on becoming the best version of yourself
Being in a relationship means you have to focus on yourself and your partner. This isn’t the case when you’re single. Instead, you have the free time necessary to work on yourself, pick up a hobby and simply become comfortable being alone. This, coupled with the fact that you’re resisting love, will make it come into your life ten times faster and stronger as you will emulate the attractive qualities that most men look for. 
When you do find love, you’re in it for the right reasons
If you’re constantly on the search for love, it isn’t going to be as satisfying when you do finally find it. It may even seem forced or fill you with the nagging feeling that you might be settling. Love requires the element of surprise and if it happens when you least expect, wouldn’t it be much more sweeter and meant to be?


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