Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beat the Winter Blues with a Super Simple and Delicious Sangria

I'm sure my fellow winos' can agree:
a pitcher of sangria is the only thing better than a bottle of wine

As a total wino, I jump at any opportunity to take my one bottle of wine and double its goodness by creating a delicious and tropical sangria. 

I created this recipe the other night (no clue if it has been done before), and it was extremely delish and super simple. It'll take you out of the winter blues and onto a tropical beach somewhere. Now that's something to cheers about. 

What you need:
  • Pitcher
  • Mixing spoon
  • Bottle of wine - I used Barefoot's Pink Moscato
  • Pineapple (juice or the actual fruit)
  • Strawberries
  • Juicer (if you don't have one, you can just buy pineapple and strawberry juice)
  • Lots of ice
  • Can of Sprite

Start by pouring the bottle of wine into the pitcher. Next, cut up slices of pineapple and strawberry (keep some aside to put into the pitcher). If you have a juicer, use it to create a pineapple and strawberry juice. Pour the juice into the pitcher, along with ice, a can of sprite and a few of the leftover fresh fruits. Leave to chill in the fridge or freezer for approximately 20 minutes and voila, get out the glasses, twirly straws and enjoy the night!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Forget #ForeverAlone, Here's How to have a Single (And Fabulous) Valentine's Day

We love you Penny, but Valentine's Day doesn't have to look like this

For those single ladies who feel like their V-Day plans are destined to consist of a bottle of wine, a tearjerker romantic movie and the hashtag #ForeverAlone, think again. With these tips, from simple to over-the-top, you're about to have a Valentine's Day so fabulous even a diamond ring couldn't match it.

For the romantic:

Just because you're single on Valentine's Day doesn't mean that you have to give up on the notion of romance. Hello, being single gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with those like you. Put on one of your sexier outfits, a great pair of heels and hit a local pub or bar. Brownie points if you can find a singles-only 'meet and greet' type of event. 

For the bitter single:

Remember the movie Valentine's Day where Jessica Biel's character throws a "I hate Valentine's Day" party? If you're feeling particularly vengeful, gather up a few of your single girlfriends who have the same mentality, bring items and photographs of your ex's to rip and burn and remember, it's BYOP (Bring Your Own Pinata) to smash, of course. 

For the drown-your-sorrows-in-alcohol type:

Getting your girlfriends together to drink is a must if you want to have an amazing anti-Valentine's Day. Get classy by dressing up to the nines or throw on some club attire to go dancing (V-day falls on a Friday, so there will be plenty to do). Make sure you're going into drinking with good intentions, though. Drinking for fun with your girlfriends is fine, but drinking to get wasted and forget Valentine's Day will only lead to trouble throughout the night, aka you drunk-dialing an ex or ending the night with a total random. 

For the single and lovin' it gal:

This Valentine's Day is all about you, baby. What better way to celebrate the awesome relationship you have with yourself than by splurging on you for the entire day? Buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, go on a little shopping spree! This day has to be 100 percent focused on pleasing yourself. 

Have an amazing Valentine's Day, ladies!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Slut Shaming is Never Cool: Last Night's Episode of the Bachelor

Clare took it too far, but was it really her fault?

Ay ay ay... where to begin on last night's episode of The Bachelor. First, I think we all know that Juan Pablo and Clare definitely did the deed and second, can we please all acknowledge the fact that Juan Pablo is kind of a major douche?

After a group date that basically consisted of Juan Pablo and Clare macking on each other every chance they got, Clare took it upon herself to keep the festivities going by knocking on his door at four a.m. When Juan Pablo found her on his doorstep, instead of wondering why this fifth stage clinger was there, he greeted her politely and agreed to her request of swimming in the warm Vietnam ocean. 

Then, like the crazy (and horny) kids that they are, they began to make "pure bliss" in the water. Now, it never admitted that they had sex, but c'mon, from her metaphor of a baby giraffe to her cocktail party toast of "making love," it's pretty obvious that they did the nasty.

But as lovely as that all sounds and as into it as Juan Pablo seemed, he decides to change his mind for the millionth time, and decide that he needs to set a good example for his daughter. I'm all for that, but he seriously needs to stop pulling the daughter card every time he doesn't want to kiss the ladies. He's completely being wishy-washy with his decisions and the ladies and Bachelor Nation are definitely starting to notice. 

But the part that really pisses me off is the fact that Juan Pablo basically slut-shamed Clare. I know that he will probably blame it on his cultural differences, as he did with the homophobic comments that he recently made, but even The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, admitted that he made Clare feel cheap. 

We all saw how game he was to dip in the water with her (and dip something else, if you catch my drift), but then, out of nowhere at the cocktail party, he tells Clare that they took it too far and that he needs to be a good example for his daughter. To which, Clare tried to explain that he should have said something, but he hushed her down by talking to her like a little child and telling her to look at him.

So, at this point, I am not a big fan of Juan Pablo. I'll still watch the show, of course, I wouldn't dare miss any more possible trainwrecks, but as for the slut shaming, Juan Pablo can blame it on as many things as he'd like, but I, and I'm sure the rest of America and Canada still think that he pulled one major douche-worthy move. 

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