Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to (Gently) Tell Your Best Friend to Shut Up About Her Ex

If only we all had a Miranda in our lives

Having an amazing set of girlfriends is a must for every girl. Aside from being your go-to partners in crime for shopping and clubbing, your girlfriends are there to mend a broken heart and help you get over that last jackass. But, unfortunately, every person has their limit and there comes a time in a best friend's life where she simply cannot listen to you talk and obsess about your ex anymore. If you're the best friend in this situation or the obsessor, this article is for you.

Encourage her to keep busy

There's no better time to sign up for a yoga class or pick up a new hobby with your best friend other than right after a breakup. During this time, your friend needs to keep busy in order to begin the process of moving on from her ex-boyfriend. If yoga isn't your thing, simply spend tons of time together doing what you usually do. Caution: stay away from sappy romance movies such as The Notebook and opt for a better-suited movie such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall where the ending will hopefully inspire her.

Watch the booze

Nothing says a quick mistake like a drunk dial to an ex-boyfriend. If you do plan on drinking together, be sure to watch how much your friend drinks and be there for her if she needs to cry -- drinking tends to bring out the emotions of individual's at full-throttle, so prepare yourself. If you see her texting him, grab her phone gently for a small time out and reassure her that she'll feel much better knowing that she didn't give in and text him twenty times.

Tell her that enough is enough

Like I said, everybody has their limit and you can only hear the play-by-play of your friend's and her former lover's recent encounter at the deli so many times before you definitely reach that limit. Just like Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda did to Carrie when she was obsessing about Big, you may have to tell your friend that you need to talk about other things. It's not easy to cut a person off, but you've done the best that you can and can now redirect her to someone who will give an outside insight. 


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