Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From Girlfriend to... Stepmom? A Take on Last Night's Episode of The Bachelor

We can definitely add 'Superdad' to his list of irresistible traits

In last night's season premiere of the Bachelor, viewers watched as 27 gorgeousand sometimes crazywomen, from all over America, vied for Juan Pablo's heart. When they weren't busy obsessing over his sexiness (when weren't they?) or memorizing their newly-bought Spanish language books, they were admitting that they love the fact that Juan Pablo is a single dad. 

Of course, seeing a gorgeous man play the role of superdad to his daughter is enough to make us ovulate on the spot, but when it comes to fully taking on the role of 'stepmom,' are we ready for that?

As we move up throughout our twenties, the dating world will offer a ton of different, unique relationships, including the possibility of dating men who already have children. We need to be prepared for the possibility of taking on a new role that could potentially change everything. 

In the case of Juan Pablo, though, he is crazy about his daughter, often referring to her as his "Valentine" since she was born on the holiday. Aww. Albeit being first place in his life, his fiancé at the end shouldn't have to worry about a Parent Trap-esque daughter thanks to Camila's young age. 

So, for nowone episode inthe women seem completely head-over-heels with the thought of being Juan Pablo's wife and Camila's stepmom, but only time will tell if these woman are in it for the real deal or just the thought of it. 

What are your thoughts on the Bachelor so far? Any favourites?

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