Saturday, January 25, 2014

Don’t Be Afraid to Date Someone Who’s Like Your Ex

When it comes to our ex-boyfriends, besides the money we've gotten from pawning the jewellery they once gave us, we've also gained insight as to what we want and definitely don’t want in future partners. You may have vowed to stay away from guys like your ex, but what do you do in the event that you meet a seemingly great guy, butand here's the real kickerhe  reminds you completely of him. Do you a) break it off before a romantic relationship can even start or b) suck it up and realize that yes, while he may be a long lost twin of your ex, that doesn't mean that he is your ex. With these two guidelines in place, you'll be able to decide whether it's worth it or not to put your heart on the line again. 

Ask the important questions to determine common personality traits of your ex:

Getting to know this guy is extremely important if you want to decide whether or not to give him a chance. It's not easy to prod a stranger for information about their personal life, but if your ex-boyfriend cheated on you and you want to see if this guy has a similar history, be extra clever when asking questions. A good trick, for example, would go something like this. "My best friend is currently going through some guy troubles. Her boyfriend cheated on her, and she's trying to decide whether or not to stay with him. What do you think?" His answers to questions like these should help you determine if his relationship values match up with yours. 

Follow your instincts:

The best piece of advice I can give you, though, is to follow your gut. I've experienced this situation before and it confused the hell out of me, but by following your gut and trusting your instincts, just as you would in any relationship, you can determine whether or not you'll find yourself down the same road as before. Remember, hesitation is normal, but if red flags are waving around in your mind, it's probably a sign that its time to either stay single or go after different types of guys. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Drunken Stupor: Don't be "That" Girl at the Party

Talk about a trainwreck

From Tierra's LiCausi's uncontrollable eyebrow to the drunk mess that was Victoria Lima on Monday night's episode of the Bachelor, viewers at home can always count on there being at least one lunatic who's at the centre of the drama. 

It's great for the show's ratings, but torture for the poor soul who has to endure her mistakes over again and, oh yeah, the whole world gets a front row seat to watch it unfold, too. Talk about pressure, right?

Well, Monday's episode of the Bachelor got me thinking to some of those nights where I got sloppy drunk and became that girl. You know, the one who stumbles around, barely speaking English and who explains to each lovely soul who helped that, "I'm never like this, you have to believe me; I never get this drunk." But, of course, it was much less comprehensible than that. 

Now, I can admit those times, albeit how embarrassing they are, because I'm sure that you, my lovely readers, have had similar experiences. Being "that" girl is never fun, so to help you skip the next-day shame and help you be the life of the party, not the hot mess, follow these tips. 

If you feel like you're beyond drunk, find a safe way home:

This is the simplest way to avoid ending up in a drunk tank overnight. But while you're in this drunken state, you probably won't be in the right sense of mind to make the decision to go home. Instead, enlist your close friends with the task of knowing when you've reached your limit, calling you a cab and making sure you end up safely at your destination.

Drink water and eat something. Stat.

When you're beyond drunk and feel like you need to reverse some of the damage, the best and easiest solution is to drink a shit ton of water and eat something like bread or crackers; these foods will absorb the alcohol in your stomach.

Sometimes you just have to throw up...

It's pretty embarrassing, but sometimes you simply have to do it. If you've become a hot mess and truly do feel sick, throwing up will make you feel a million times better. If you're embarrassed of people knowing, let your friends know and hopefully they will cover for you while you finish your business.

Now, the true test will be if you can remember all of this useful information the next time that you are white-girl-wasted. Safe drinking, ladies!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to: Take Charge of the Life You've Always Wanted

Rule #1 of taking charge: own the strut 

When we're younger and still living with our parents, we don't have much say as to how our life pans out. Our parents are in charge of buying the food, choosing and paying for our yearly back-to-school outfits and having the final say on our curfew, boyfriends, friends and the typical do's and don'ts. But, as we grow up and gain independence, we may take that great leap and move out, get our own apartment and start our own real adult lives. Yes, it may be scary as hell, but the best part is: we're in charge! The freedom is sweet, the bills are not, but here, in this article, I'll show you the best ways to finally accept your new adult-status and live the life that you've always wanted. No parental supervision required. 

Take charge of your financial situation

Being broke during one of the most exciting periods of our life is not ideal, but with student loans and newfound financial independence, it is to be expected. To help you take charge of your current financial woes, you must be willing to take the time and figure out a budget that works for you. There truly is no better time to start looking onward to the future and getting into the habit of solidifying your financial freedom. You want a plan that will help you curb unnecessary spending, create savings and still leave a bit of wiggle room to splurge on those fabulous heels. There are a ton of books available on the topic, written specifically for us twenty-somethings such as Alexa Von Tobel's new book, Financially Fearless. Alexa is the Founder and CEO of and a monthly columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine. 

Take charge of your social life

Yes, you may be busy with school or getting a jump start on your career, but it's vital that you take time to spend with your friends. Having a strong social circle will help you unwind, release those feel-good hormones and strengthen social skills that will prove useful in many careers and networking events. Plan weekly or monthly girls nights with your friends or, if that's not possible due to location, keep in touch through Skype and regular phone contact. 

Take charge of your relationships

I've written plenty of articles on this topic, so I'm hoping you're becoming an expert on it, too. If you have the time to date during your twenties, I say go for itlife's too short and whether it's just a short-term relationship or one that is meant to last, have the attitude of taking chances and not regretting missed opportunities which could have led you to the one. 

Take charge of your style

When you're in high school, it can be difficult to express yourself through your style in fear that other's will judge you. I remember being afraid to wear high heels to school because I thought that people would think I was trying too hard. But now that I'm older, I realize that I don't care what people think and I choose to dress for myself, not others. If I want to wear bright red lipstick and heeled boots, I will and I'll strut my stuff in the process. The goal is to finally take charge and live life for yourself and that includes a style that fully embodies you

Take charge of your home

Since you're no longer surrounded by the hideous carpet and creepy dolls that your mom likes to keep around the house, it's your chance to dress up your new digs in a way that is fitting and cozy (not creepy) for you. Use your personal interior style as your guide to help you choose the best paint colours, furniture and cozy personal touches such as candles or picture frames. If money does inhibit a lot of these choices, go the DYI route and get creative. Pinterest, as always, is one of the best websites for fun, but budget-wise projects. 

Take charge of you

Last, but certainly not least, you must take charge of yourself. We all know ourselves best, so taking care of your physical and mental well-being can be customized in a plan according to your own personal routines. An example to give you some ideas is my daily care for myselfI've recently adopted a six-week vegan lifestyle, which I will post a blog about soon. I work out regularly and do a daily relaxation tape to keep worry and anxiety at bay, and I make sure to save plenty of time to relax, focus on myself and my relationships with my boyfriend, friends and family. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From Girlfriend to... Stepmom? A Take on Last Night's Episode of The Bachelor

We can definitely add 'Superdad' to his list of irresistible traits

In last night's season premiere of the Bachelor, viewers watched as 27 gorgeousand sometimes crazywomen, from all over America, vied for Juan Pablo's heart. When they weren't busy obsessing over his sexiness (when weren't they?) or memorizing their newly-bought Spanish language books, they were admitting that they love the fact that Juan Pablo is a single dad. 

Of course, seeing a gorgeous man play the role of superdad to his daughter is enough to make us ovulate on the spot, but when it comes to fully taking on the role of 'stepmom,' are we ready for that?

As we move up throughout our twenties, the dating world will offer a ton of different, unique relationships, including the possibility of dating men who already have children. We need to be prepared for the possibility of taking on a new role that could potentially change everything. 

In the case of Juan Pablo, though, he is crazy about his daughter, often referring to her as his "Valentine" since she was born on the holiday. Aww. Albeit being first place in his life, his fiancé at the end shouldn't have to worry about a Parent Trap-esque daughter thanks to Camila's young age. 

So, for nowone episode inthe women seem completely head-over-heels with the thought of being Juan Pablo's wife and Camila's stepmom, but only time will tell if these woman are in it for the real deal or just the thought of it. 

What are your thoughts on the Bachelor so far? Any favourites?

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Friday, January 3, 2014

4 Beauty Looks to Try in the New Year

Get ready to steal the show in 2014

With a new year comes a vast array of unique ways to look fabulous. From a dark, vamp lip with romantic waves to the classic smouldering smokey eye with nude lips, you'll be taking on 2014 in major style. 

1) Vamp lip with romantic waves

Photo via Pinterest 

Despite the obvious stress that Khloe Kardashian has been under during 2013, homegirl has definitely kicked up her beauty regimes. This is just one of her looks that I absolutely adore. It looks like she crimped her hair, but then lightly ran her fingers through to tousle it and create a more relatable style. This look, paired with a dark plum lip, has her moving on to be one of the more stylish Kardashians. 

2) Smokey eyes with a nude lip

Photo via Pinterest

For a night out or special occasion, you can never go wrong with a smouldering eye paired with nude lips. This is a look that will never go out of style as it appears each year and you can easily wear it as a day-to-night look with the proper eyeshadow shades. 

3) Pop of colour

Photo via Pinterest

Adding a pop of colour to your makeup palette is a simple way to make your best features stand out. If you want to show off your eyes, adding a pop of an accentuating colour will definitely add the splash that you need. For lips, using light and hot pinks is another great way to be seen. 

4) Keep your nails simple

Photo via Pinterest

Nail trends have appeared year after year; from shattered to magnetic nails, the trends simply keep on coming. But, for this year, I dare you to keep it one-tonedthink Lauren Conrad during her time on The Hillswhere her simple, yet elegant mani's struck a cord in us beauty hopefuls. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to (Gently) Tell Your Best Friend to Shut Up About Her Ex

If only we all had a Miranda in our lives

Having an amazing set of girlfriends is a must for every girl. Aside from being your go-to partners in crime for shopping and clubbing, your girlfriends are there to mend a broken heart and help you get over that last jackass. But, unfortunately, every person has their limit and there comes a time in a best friend's life where she simply cannot listen to you talk and obsess about your ex anymore. If you're the best friend in this situation or the obsessor, this article is for you.

Encourage her to keep busy

There's no better time to sign up for a yoga class or pick up a new hobby with your best friend other than right after a breakup. During this time, your friend needs to keep busy in order to begin the process of moving on from her ex-boyfriend. If yoga isn't your thing, simply spend tons of time together doing what you usually do. Caution: stay away from sappy romance movies such as The Notebook and opt for a better-suited movie such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall where the ending will hopefully inspire her.

Watch the booze

Nothing says a quick mistake like a drunk dial to an ex-boyfriend. If you do plan on drinking together, be sure to watch how much your friend drinks and be there for her if she needs to cry -- drinking tends to bring out the emotions of individual's at full-throttle, so prepare yourself. If you see her texting him, grab her phone gently for a small time out and reassure her that she'll feel much better knowing that she didn't give in and text him twenty times.

Tell her that enough is enough

Like I said, everybody has their limit and you can only hear the play-by-play of your friend's and her former lover's recent encounter at the deli so many times before you definitely reach that limit. Just like Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda did to Carrie when she was obsessing about Big, you may have to tell your friend that you need to talk about other things. It's not easy to cut a person off, but you've done the best that you can and can now redirect her to someone who will give an outside insight. 

Interesting Relationship Advice from Miley Cyrus (Yes, It's Possible)

Seriously, how cute were they?

From twerking on a drunk Santa to bleaching her eyebrows, it's hard to believe that Miley Cyrus could provide us with any useful, much less senseful, piece of advice. But since her split with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth (aka Aussie hunk), Miley has opened up and said, numerous times, that she has been in relationship after relationship and this is her chance to simply be single and focus entirely on herself.

So, surprisingly, Miley's on to something. And no, it's not drugs -- instead, Miley has chosen to use her twenties as her "selfish years." 

The truth is, if there was ever a better time to be single and figure out exactly who you are as an adult, your twenties is that time. To put it into perspective, just think of the countless relationships you've been in throughout your young adolescent years. You may have never given yourself a chance to breathe and just think about you; instead, you've been focused on yourself and a relationship. Your twenties are the same deal. We’re entering adulthood and still figuring out who we are, and what better way to discover who you truly are than being single and, ultimately, in a relationship with yourself?

Of course, though if you're lucky, like me, to find a guy who lets you discover yourself and who gives you the space to do so, then don't let him go. But for those single gals who are on the constant prowl to find a boyfriend, I say take this time to be selfish and discover whether a relationship is truly what you need, rather than what you simply want.

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