Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your Secret Weapon: Use Jealousy to Boost Your Career

Preach it, Sista.
Jealousy has had its place in each of our livesit's a human emotion, after all. Whether it's directed towards a family member or your frenemy since elementary school, jealousy may rear its ugly head several times throughout your life. Instead of letting it eat at you, though, using jealousy to boost your career is one of the smartest and envy-inducing tactics you could ever use.  

Here's how.

Instead of having yourself a little pity party when you find out that an old friend landed her dream job, for example, use her success as a way to propel you towards your dream. You could begin applying for higher writing positions or start your own website (cough).

Most importantly, you need to use jealousy as a way to focus on yourself. When hearing about someone else's success, you may take the negative route by internalizing the shame you feel. But then, when jealousy is used in the right way, you focus on yourself, the goals you want to accomplish and the steps you must take to get there.

So go ahead, get jealouswhen used in the right way, you'll be responsible for your success and a little bit of others', too. 

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