Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your Guide to Finding a Real-life Cowboy

Yup, he meets all of our cowboy-expectations

Thanks to Harlequin romance novels, women have long fantasized of sexy cowboys who ride horseback and wear only rugged jeans and unbuttoned plaid shirts. Yet, many believe that finding this "cowboy" is unrealistic. Well, ladies, giddy up because with this guide, your fantasy cowboy will soon be leaping right off the page and into reality.

Nearby Farms

If he's a true cowboy, there's a good chance he's worked on a farm. If you know the local farms in your area, take a trip down with a good excuse along the lines of apple picking or the good ole "I'm lost" excuse. 

Tip: Don't even dare try to wear heelshe'll know you're trying way too hard. 

Country Bars

Most cities have at least one country bar where plaid shirts and cowboy hats are the norm. Plan your next girls night at one of them and consider it a bonus if you attend during their "Ride the Mechanical Bull" night. If you're lucky, you'll either impress one by staying on long enough or falling off (gracefully, if possible) into one of their arms. Either way, win-win!

Country Concerts

The guys who attend country concerts may not be complete cowboys, but you do have a good chance of finding some who fits the description. If you have the time, change spots every so often and spark a conversation with some of them to find out. If you do find one, it's totally normal to consider the country concert your first date, right?

Happy hunting, ladies!

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