Monday, December 2, 2013

Relationship 101: Sometimes You Have to Use Your Heart Less

Photograph via Pinterest

By now, most of us have experienced some sort of heartbreak in a relationship, whether it’s a fight that seems to last forever or the actual ending to the relationship. And it sucks. Now that’s no newsflashheartbreak has been proven to actually feel like your heart is tearing apart. Ouch.

But I noticed something interesting the other day, while I was doing my daily browse (creeping) of Facebook. I had stumbled upon an old friend’s page who posted a status referring to her recent breakup. It read, “I’m not heartless, I just learned to use my heart less.” Poetic stuff, really. But, it does make sensein order to ease the pain of a relationship that clearly isn’t going anywhere, or to simply help speed along the horrible pain resulting from a breakup, learning to use your heart a little less during these periods, can be helpful.

So give it a try, whether that means going on the prowl as the fabulous single lady you are or simply spending the post-breakup time as a chance to focus 100 percent on yourself. Whatever helps heal that heart a little sooner, all the better. 


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