Saturday, December 7, 2013

#ProcrastinationProbz: Ace the Exam With These Last-Minute Study Tips

With Ryan's love, we can accomplish anything. 

Here's the situation: Instead of studying for your upcoming exam, you've spent the last couple of days binge-watching Scandal on Netflix. Time's a' tickin' and you're starting to feel the pressure. Don't panic; with these on-the-fly last-minute study tips, you'll ace any exam like the fabulous twenty-something (procrastinator) that you are.

Figure out your priorities

When you're in a time crunch, sorting out your priorities for what to study is an essential first step. Take a look at your exam review, ask your fellow classmates questions or reach out to your professor for a detailed low-down on the exam. If none of these work, review all of your class notes quickly to determine the key concepts that you need to focus the most time on.

Stay focused and relaxed

It's harder to pump information into an overly-anxious mind, so try to breathe and relax. A good way to slow down your thoughts and center your mind is through meditation or a relaxation tape. The Headspace app is a useful guided relaxation; it's only 10 minutes and will leave you feeling much more focused to tackle those cramming sessions. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee

I think we can all agree that coffee is our personal hero during finals. Down a few glasses (less if you're having espresso) and pull an all-nighter if you absolutely need to. Be careful to not go too crazy on the caffeinetoo much of it can make you jittery and even more nervous.

Here are some other last-minute study tips from fabulous twenty-somethings.

"Prioritize and listen to classical music. On repeat." - Victoria, 22

"Get out of the house! Sit in Starbucks, have a coffee and get it done!" - Maria, 20

"I eat out, there's usually no time to get food. Take breaks in-between studying and use flashcards to get the information stuck in your head." - Nermeen, 19

"Relax and reassure yourself." - Cara, 20

"Drink energy drinks and coffee, pull an all-nighter and rehearse the info, over and over." - Katie, 20

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