Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Get the Look: 4 Ways to Look like a Victoria Secret Angel

Excuse me while I go eat a donut.

On December 10, the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS, giving us yet another reason to self-loathe into a jug of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But, that's not all it gave us—as always, the show provided some endless beauty inspiration. From the trademark bedhead hair to the glowy skin and illuminating eyes, here are the top four beauty looks that will raise your confidence back to normal in no time.

Bedhead hair

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This is easily one of their most-used looks and, luckily for us, it's super easy to recreate. Simply add volumizing mousse to damp hair and begin blow-drying hair with head facing down. Once dry, separate hair into into different sections, being sure to leave a middle part. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl all sections of the hair. Hold 20-30 seconds for each. Once that's finished, lean over and shake out your hair. Give it a few more spritz of the hairspray and voila, you're done. Now own it. 

Highlighted cheeks and eyes

Photo via Pinterest

To achieve the gorgeous glowy-effect that all the angels had, you need two things: highlighter and a white, almost-silvery eye shadow. Beginning with the cheeks, smile for a moment and apply the highlighter to the upper part of your cheek, right along the cheekbone. For a luminous stare, apply the light eye shadow to your tear duct (the inner part of your eye closest to the eyebrow).

Sculpted bodies

Photo via Pinterest

Did anyone else notice how amazingly-toned Isabel Goulart was? It's no surprise since she's always posting snaps of her daily workouts on Instagram. There's many secrets to attaining that perfect VS-worthy body, but for this year, most of the angels swore on juicing and amped up versions of their regular workout routines, such as boxing, Pilates, yoga and weight training. Visit the Victoria Secret YouTube page for a few of their VS workouts. 

Kissable pout 

Photo via Pinterest 

From duck faces to endless blown kisses, the VS fashion show had it all. To achieve luscious lips like the angels, start by brushing your lips with a clean toothbrush for approximately 10-15 seconds. Next, trace lip liner on the outer part of your lip, so close that it actually touches the skin. Use the lip liner to draw a line down the middle of your upper and bottom lip. Apply lipstick or lip gloss and kiss away. 


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