Thursday, December 12, 2013

Essentials for Your Relaxing Night-in

You tell em', Chandler

Sure, a glass of red may be your go-to for a relaxing night, but why stop there? With these essentials, you'll soon be in complete, utter, bliss. 

Did someone say wine?

From a glass of red to pink bubbly champagne, go ahead and splurge on a few glasses or a bottle if you're feeling particularly wine happy. For those watching their calories, try Skinny Girl. At approximately 100 calories per bottle, you can feel free to skip the guilt.


Nothing says coziness like candles and warm, fuzzy socks. But what does coziness mean to you? Maybe it's a certain blanket or snuggling on the couch with your boyfriendwhatever makes you feel happy and cozy, include it into your relaxing night plans.

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A few treats

Maybe it's part of your "cheat meal" or you simply want to be extra naughtywhatever the reasongo ahead and indulge on a few treats. This could include anything from chocolate to greasy Chinese take-out. 

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Magazines/Romantic Comedies

Get in touch with your girly side by flipping through some of your favourite magazines or by popping in a rom-com. As always, anything with Ryan Gosling should do. 

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