Thursday, December 12, 2013

Essentials for Your Relaxing Night-in

You tell em', Chandler

Sure, a glass of red may be your go-to for a relaxing night, but why stop there? With these essentials, you'll soon be in complete, utter, bliss. 

Did someone say wine?

From a glass of red to pink bubbly champagne, go ahead and splurge on a few glasses or a bottle if you're feeling particularly wine happy. For those watching their calories, try Skinny Girl. At approximately 100 calories per bottle, you can feel free to skip the guilt.


Nothing says coziness like candles and warm, fuzzy socks. But what does coziness mean to you? Maybe it's a certain blanket or snuggling on the couch with your boyfriendwhatever makes you feel happy and cozy, include it into your relaxing night plans.

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A few treats

Maybe it's part of your "cheat meal" or you simply want to be extra naughtywhatever the reasongo ahead and indulge on a few treats. This could include anything from chocolate to greasy Chinese take-out. 

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Magazines/Romantic Comedies

Get in touch with your girly side by flipping through some of your favourite magazines or by popping in a rom-com. As always, anything with Ryan Gosling should do. 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Get the Look: 4 Ways to Look like a Victoria Secret Angel

Excuse me while I go eat a donut.

On December 10, the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS, giving us yet another reason to self-loathe into a jug of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But, that's not all it gave us—as always, the show provided some endless beauty inspiration. From the trademark bedhead hair to the glowy skin and illuminating eyes, here are the top four beauty looks that will raise your confidence back to normal in no time.

Bedhead hair

Photo via Pinterest

This is easily one of their most-used looks and, luckily for us, it's super easy to recreate. Simply add volumizing mousse to damp hair and begin blow-drying hair with head facing down. Once dry, separate hair into into different sections, being sure to leave a middle part. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl all sections of the hair. Hold 20-30 seconds for each. Once that's finished, lean over and shake out your hair. Give it a few more spritz of the hairspray and voila, you're done. Now own it. 

Highlighted cheeks and eyes

Photo via Pinterest

To achieve the gorgeous glowy-effect that all the angels had, you need two things: highlighter and a white, almost-silvery eye shadow. Beginning with the cheeks, smile for a moment and apply the highlighter to the upper part of your cheek, right along the cheekbone. For a luminous stare, apply the light eye shadow to your tear duct (the inner part of your eye closest to the eyebrow).

Sculpted bodies

Photo via Pinterest

Did anyone else notice how amazingly-toned Isabel Goulart was? It's no surprise since she's always posting snaps of her daily workouts on Instagram. There's many secrets to attaining that perfect VS-worthy body, but for this year, most of the angels swore on juicing and amped up versions of their regular workout routines, such as boxing, Pilates, yoga and weight training. Visit the Victoria Secret YouTube page for a few of their VS workouts. 

Kissable pout 

Photo via Pinterest 

From duck faces to endless blown kisses, the VS fashion show had it all. To achieve luscious lips like the angels, start by brushing your lips with a clean toothbrush for approximately 10-15 seconds. Next, trace lip liner on the outer part of your lip, so close that it actually touches the skin. Use the lip liner to draw a line down the middle of your upper and bottom lip. Apply lipstick or lip gloss and kiss away. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

#ProcrastinationProbz: Ace the Exam With These Last-Minute Study Tips

With Ryan's love, we can accomplish anything. 

Here's the situation: Instead of studying for your upcoming exam, you've spent the last couple of days binge-watching Scandal on Netflix. Time's a' tickin' and you're starting to feel the pressure. Don't panic; with these on-the-fly last-minute study tips, you'll ace any exam like the fabulous twenty-something (procrastinator) that you are.

Figure out your priorities

When you're in a time crunch, sorting out your priorities for what to study is an essential first step. Take a look at your exam review, ask your fellow classmates questions or reach out to your professor for a detailed low-down on the exam. If none of these work, review all of your class notes quickly to determine the key concepts that you need to focus the most time on.

Stay focused and relaxed

It's harder to pump information into an overly-anxious mind, so try to breathe and relax. A good way to slow down your thoughts and center your mind is through meditation or a relaxation tape. The Headspace app is a useful guided relaxation; it's only 10 minutes and will leave you feeling much more focused to tackle those cramming sessions. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee

I think we can all agree that coffee is our personal hero during finals. Down a few glasses (less if you're having espresso) and pull an all-nighter if you absolutely need to. Be careful to not go too crazy on the caffeinetoo much of it can make you jittery and even more nervous.

Here are some other last-minute study tips from fabulous twenty-somethings.

"Prioritize and listen to classical music. On repeat." - Victoria, 22

"Get out of the house! Sit in Starbucks, have a coffee and get it done!" - Maria, 20

"I eat out, there's usually no time to get food. Take breaks in-between studying and use flashcards to get the information stuck in your head." - Nermeen, 19

"Relax and reassure yourself." - Cara, 20

"Drink energy drinks and coffee, pull an all-nighter and rehearse the info, over and over." - Katie, 20

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Friday, December 6, 2013

What Are Your Dating Disclaimers?

Her dating disclaimers are written all over her. 

When you first enter a new relationship, it's probably not a good idea to show your guy the tattoo of his face you got last week or the twenty cats you have hidden in your spare room. Essentially, any warning sign that would make him believe you're a Total. Hot. Mess.

These "disclaimers," if you will, can be best described as a warning which are usually used in home fitness programs or video games. But, when it comes to you, specifically, what are your dating disclaimers? What are the weird habits or secret single behaviours (SSB) that you wouldn't even dare tell your friends about?

Most quirky habits can be hidden in the name of love, but what about other issues that are likely to show themselves at least once during your relationship?

For one, telling your new guy about these "you should probably know..." statements usually don't go over well. Just ask Hollywood. In the movie, Friends With Benefits, Jamie aka Mila Kunis, tells her new fling that she's kind of emotionally damaged. This statement seems to be accepted, but the guy plays it cool, goes for one last hookup and then tries disappearing the next morning while she's out getting coffee for them.

So dating disclaimers aren't always a good thing, but some warnings simply need to be put out there. Say you truly were hurt by your last douchebag of a boyfriend and are having issues with trust, it's important that you let your new guy know. You started dating him for a reason, so he should listen and be understanding to your situation. Sharing this information may even bring you two closer, which is always a bonus. 

So the bottom line, my friends, is: be honest about the important issues that could truly impact or even ruin your relationship. For now, though, ladies, keep the cats hidden. If you're lucky, who knows, he may even have a collection of his own.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your Secret Weapon: Use Jealousy to Boost Your Career

Preach it, Sista.
Jealousy has had its place in each of our livesit's a human emotion, after all. Whether it's directed towards a family member or your frenemy since elementary school, jealousy may rear its ugly head several times throughout your life. Instead of letting it eat at you, though, using jealousy to boost your career is one of the smartest and envy-inducing tactics you could ever use.  

Here's how.

Instead of having yourself a little pity party when you find out that an old friend landed her dream job, for example, use her success as a way to propel you towards your dream. You could begin applying for higher writing positions or start your own website (cough).

Most importantly, you need to use jealousy as a way to focus on yourself. When hearing about someone else's success, you may take the negative route by internalizing the shame you feel. But then, when jealousy is used in the right way, you focus on yourself, the goals you want to accomplish and the steps you must take to get there.

So go ahead, get jealouswhen used in the right way, you'll be responsible for your success and a little bit of others', too. 

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Four Common Behaviours from Ex-boyfriends

Fellas, let Forgetting Sarah Marshall be a lesson to you.
When a relationship ends, it’s usually the guy who seems to disappear of the face of the earth. Homeboy stops texting, calling and visiting your former favorite date-night spots. While not all men disappear or want nothing to do with you, most men do partake in a few common ex-boyfriend behaviours that could a) mess with your mind (that's a given) or b) make you miss him even more. 

Here are a few of the tell-tale signs from ex-boyfriends and a few tips on how to deal with them.

He’ll ask to hook up

If your ex-boyfriend isn't getting it from girls in da club, you can bet that he'll be crawling back to you with the line, “For old times sake." If he does, run! It's obvious that he simply wants a booty call and, unless he wants to get back together, you're better off not wasting your time.

He’ll go on a date and tell you about it

Whether he's trying to make you jealous or simply being plain rude, there's definitely a reason behind him sharing his "first date" story to you... his ex-girlfriend. See the problem here? The quick fix for this, if it really does bother you (especially when you're the one who got dumped), is to be straight-up and tell him to refrain from sharing these details. 

He’ll ask and compare himself to your new boyfriend or rebound

After any relationship, it's hard to stop yourself from wondering if he has moved on already. If you've blocked him off social media, there's a chance you'll seek out your mutual friends to get information. If you have moved on (yay you!) and he finds out, your ex-boyfriend may internally compare himself to your new guy and even ask questions, usually involving his, uh, performance. 

He’ll want to speak on the phone or hang out

The most obvious of signs. If your ex-boyfriend asks to speak on the phone or hang out, there's a strong chance he misses you and potentially even wants to get back together. If you're ready, answer the call, but let him lead the conversationfind out why he's calling you.

Your Guide to Finding a Real-life Cowboy

Yup, he meets all of our cowboy-expectations

Thanks to Harlequin romance novels, women have long fantasized of sexy cowboys who ride horseback and wear only rugged jeans and unbuttoned plaid shirts. Yet, many believe that finding this "cowboy" is unrealistic. Well, ladies, giddy up because with this guide, your fantasy cowboy will soon be leaping right off the page and into reality.

Nearby Farms

If he's a true cowboy, there's a good chance he's worked on a farm. If you know the local farms in your area, take a trip down with a good excuse along the lines of apple picking or the good ole "I'm lost" excuse. 

Tip: Don't even dare try to wear heelshe'll know you're trying way too hard. 

Country Bars

Most cities have at least one country bar where plaid shirts and cowboy hats are the norm. Plan your next girls night at one of them and consider it a bonus if you attend during their "Ride the Mechanical Bull" night. If you're lucky, you'll either impress one by staying on long enough or falling off (gracefully, if possible) into one of their arms. Either way, win-win!

Country Concerts

The guys who attend country concerts may not be complete cowboys, but you do have a good chance of finding some who fits the description. If you have the time, change spots every so often and spark a conversation with some of them to find out. If you do find one, it's totally normal to consider the country concert your first date, right?

Happy hunting, ladies!

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Three Type of Guys You Want to Date At Least Once

Man in uniform? Check. Dreamy green eyes? Check.

Whether it lasts as a relationship or stays strictly within the sheets, having a fling with these three type of guysa barista, person trainer and a man in uniformwill boost your confidence, produce insane jealousy from your friends and help you cross another thing off your bucket list. 

The adorable barista

He's the sweet barista at your local cafe who makes a black shirt, black pants and apron look simply adorable. The next time he's making your latte, strike up a conversation by asking what his favourite drink is and who knows, if you play your cards right, you may find his number on your cup. 

Your sexy personal trainer

He's the ripped, sex-on-a-stick personal trainer who already had to touch and adjust your "form." If you're ballsy enough, the next time he's adjusting you into the right position, ask him out for a drink (low-cal, of course) for after your session.

The man in uniform 

You already know he's heroic, but the man in a uniform carries a certain type of sexiness that other guys (professions, rather) simply can't beat. If you have a friend who's in the military, get him/her to set you up or; it's likely that you'll have plenty of options.

What other type of guys would you add to the list?

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Wedding Inspiration: A Delicate Headpiece

Gorgeous headpiece by

If you need a bit of wedding inspiration to boost your day, you've come to the right place. Yiota, the co-owner of Sabo Skirt, an online women's clothing store, recently got married and shared beautiful pictures of her special day, including this gorgeous bridal headpiece (shown above) by Bo and Luca, a luxury bridal wear and accessories company. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tackle Your Sweet Tooth with Healthy Treats

Totally Instagram-worthy

The next time you try to satisfy your sweet tooth by reaching for the O’Henry bar you’ve had stored in the freezer, take a moment to breathe, think of your butt (Jenna Marbles logic, not mine) and opt for the fruit-route instead. Fruit is an amazing alternative to the salt and sugar that you crave in junk food. Try some of the items below to save yourself from another sugar-induced guilt-trip. 

Fruit Smoothie

Picture via

Not only are fruit smoothies nutritious and delicious, but they act as envy-inducing Instagram snaps. You can find millions of recipes on the internet, but one of my favourites is from Australian Health blogger, Emma Jaye Patterson

What you need:
  • 1 1/2 scoop of protein powder
  • A handful of strawberries
  • A handful of raspberries
  • Ice
Directions: Mix in blender and serve with muesli on top.

Chocolate covered goji berries

Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry
Picture via Brookside Chocolate

If you must have a little bit of chocolate goodness in your life, these dark chocolate goji berries will become your new go-to snack. The mixture of the sweet berry, along with the dark chocolate balance each other beautifully. 

The Countdown Is On: The Bachelor Returns this January

Get ready for drama, tears and short-lived happily ever afters

Well, ladies, the time has almost come to crank open the wine and force your boyfriend to get more in touch with his feminine side. That’s right, another season of the Bachelor is back on January 5, 2014 in not one, but two season premieres.

This season will feature Juan Pablo Gelavis, the gorgeous soccer player who appeared on Desiree’s snooze fest of a season of the Bachelorette. Albeit having almost no screen time, fans of the show still went wild over his sexy accent, soccer player physique and his role as "Daddy" to an adorable little girl.

From the trailer, posted below, this season promises to be full of love, tears and of course, drama. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer for yourself and let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finding the Perfect Christmas Present for My Boyfriend

Your holiday gift-guide just got easier. 

Finding the perfect present for your loved ones during Christmastime can be difficult, but when it comes to that special someone in your life, well, that’s a whole different story.
My boyfriend of two years is a cook, plays guitar and loves video games (a little too much, if you ask me), so choosing his present can be challenging at times. No worries, thoughI’ve discovered that when it comes to buying the perfect gift for any guy, shopping can be enjoyable.

1) Espresso Machine
DeLonghi Moka Electric Espresso Maker, $59.95

Espresso Machine: My boyfriend, Mike, is not a morning person. Instead of saying “Good morning,” he says, “Don’t speak until I get my coffee.” Buying an espresso machine for him would be a fitting gift since he’s always wanted one, and if it can cure his morning crankiness that much sooner then, well, it’s a win-win.

2) and 3) A plaid shirt and jeans

Old Navy Mens Flannel Sherpa Lined Shirt Jackers – Navy/red plaid, $25.99

Old Navy Mens Premium Loose Fit Jeans – Blue Vintage, $25.00

Clothing: I have, as most women do, taken over mine and my boyfriend’s shared closet. You could say that the ratio is approximately 95 per cent my clothes, 5 per cent his. While my idea of a wardrobe consists of a copious amount of clothes, shoes, purses, scarves and undergarments, his consists of a few pairs of pants, some boxers, shirts and socks. So, do I really need to explain why getting him clothes is a good idea? 

4) Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V: Special Edition (Xbox 360), $79.99

Video games: Buying a video game for my boyfriend always causes a lot of hesitation. For one, he gets completely obsessed with them. And two, it causes problems in our relationship since I end up as the nagging girlfriend who insists he turn off the game or (to his horror) step in front of the TV. However, I have come to learn that boys will be boys and getting him exactly what he wants (video games, included) makes for a happy Christmas.  

5) Knife set

Top Chef Santoku Stainless Steel Knife Set, $64.99

Knife set: Mike loves to cookboth at work and at home, so supplying him with the right kitchen tools is a no-brainer. Plus, it may encourage him to cook delicious meals for us on the daily.

6) Memory Foam Pillow

Sealy(R) Cool Choice Contour Memory Foam Pillow, $50

Memory foam pillow: I have an amazing memory foam pillow, but when I wake up in the morning, I find that it has snuck over to my boyfriend’s side of the bed. Not cool. Buying him his own memory foam pillow should solve this issue and benefit both of us in the long-run.

7) Guitar Strings

Alice Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings, $9.19

Guitar strings: Guitar strings=perfect stocking stuffer!

8) Suit

Gentle Shaping Single Button Men's Suit, $49.99

Suit: While suits have a way of making men look like the next James Bond, they also serve a greater purpose to add that formal, professional touch to interviews or special events.

9) Movie

The Godfather Collection, $40.29 (found on Target)

Movie: Mike has to be one of the last few people who actually still collects DVDs, but there’s one movie he’s had his eye on for a while now: the Godfather collection. Buying him the collection will satisfy his needs and it can double as a movie for date night.

10) Sushi Kit

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit, $35.99

Sushi kit: Mike and I are sushi addicts. We usually grab some on the weekends, but that’s not ideal for a couple’s budget. A sushi kit will definitely solve this dilemma.

I hope these presents have provided you with inspiration on what to get your guy for Christmas. Merry Christmas!

(Image Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

Beauty Inspiration: Rock the Dark Plum Lip

Picture via Pinterest 

Lipstick has a trend for every season. Spring is luscious corral, summer brings almost-nude pinks to hot, bright neons; and fall and winter, with the cool temperatures to keep makeup in-tact, brings dark, yet vibrant shades of reds, browns and, of coursethis season’s trademark stylethe dark plum.

It’s not an easy colour to pull off, but when done right, it’s ah-mazing. Check out the photographs below for some serious beauty inspiration.

Picture via Pinterest

Picture via Pinterest 
My version of the dark plum look

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